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About ErgoSensePro

ErgoSensePro is an analytic software based on a proprietary scientific theory of strength and power training which in turn relies on first-principles in Sports Biomechanics. ErgoSensePro was born out of 30+ years of frustration over the lack of an underlying fundamental scientific theory of weight training.

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What we do

Scientific Approach

ErgoSensePro provides the first ever tool for developing strength and conditioning training programs in a scientific and objective manner.

training programs

ErgoSensePro helps coaches develop training programs for athletes that maximize performance.

Measure outcomes

ErgoSensePro bridges the gap between empirical training approach and measures outcomes where it counts, for competition.

Meet our team

Aleck Alexopoulos

Aleck Alexopoulos

Founder & CEO

20+ years research scientist in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at CPERI/CERTH
30+ years amateur powerlifter and weightlifter

Debbie Tsolerides

Debbie Tsolerides


Administration Tufts University
Colonial Mutual Funding
University Mass. Boston

Thanos Yiagopoulos

Thanos Yiagopoulos

External Advisor

Director Global Process Technology Momentive Performance Materials.