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About ErgoSensePro

ErgoSensePro (Ergo) is a software product for both athlete evaluation and training analytics. Ergo is based on the first comprehensive first-principles theory of movement during resistance training. Ergo enables extensive movement evaluation, deep algorithms, and advanced analytics to achieve the ultimate monitoring and management system for training and rehabilitation.

What we do

Player Evaluation

ErgoSensePro employs a unique set of movement tests to determine (using Ergo’s algorithms) evaluation metrics that describe in a very deep way the dynamics of movement The evaluation metrics can be used to monitor an athlete over time, compare between players, identify weak points, and more. Similar evaluation metrics and movement tests can be employed for post-rehabilitation training, for amateur athletes, and more.

Training Programs

ErgoSensePro enables deep comparisons between athletes in terms of response to training, predictions of training outcomes in terms of twenty performance metrics. ErgoSensePro enables truly personalized training programs that take into account the condition of the athlete and the desired improvements. In these ways ErgoSensePro completely changes the world of resistance training generating personalized and maximum results.

The Future

The evaluation and training modules of ErgoSensePro can be implemented towards continuous monitoring of non-athletes including amateurs and elderly during training, rehabilitation, but also active living in general. ErgoSensePro enables unprecedented deep insights into movement in the 21st century!


The theory and algorithms behind ErgoSensePro are based on a first-principles approach encompassing a number of different Sciences as well as Engineering principles. Ergo can explain and even reproduce experimental results reported in the literature. As an example: Validation - Scientific Theoritical example
ErgoSensePro has also been validated under strict scientific conditions, i.e., controlled multi-participant trial conducted at the University of Thrace, Human Performance Lab of the Sports Science Department. The trial demonstrated over 20% more strength improvements compared to “best practices” strength training simply by following a personalized training program rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach where all athletes are scaled according to a single scaling factor, i.e., the one repetition max. The trial results translate into expected speed and vertical jump improvements of over 2% per month beyond what is achieved with normal training.
These improvements for professional athletes are huge!.

Meet our team

Aleck Alexopoulos

Aleck Alexopoulos

Founder & CEO

20+ years research scientist in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at CPERI/CERTH
30+ years amateur powerlifter and weightlifter

Michael Balitsaris-Fortier

Michael Balitsaris-Fortier


President Sylipsis Corporation
Health Care and Technology
Senior level rugby player & coach

Thanos Yiagopoulos

Thanos Yiagopoulos

External Advisor

Director Global Process Technology Momentive Performance Materials.